NAP-C200AP - Adaptive Dual Detector




Microwave/PIR Detectors continuously adjust to their environment, providing 100lb. pet/animal immunity and ultimate reliability & false alarm protection C200AP with P.E.T.™


  • The best pet immunity for any size animal
  • P.E.T.™, Profile enhanced targeting circuitry provides up to 100lb. pet immunity
  • 40’ x 40’ maximum broad range
  • Compromise-free intruder-catch and false alarm protection – ideal when the pet leaves the room, too. Dynamic adaptive technology literally adjusts to its surroundings minute-by-minute, once the pet vacates the detector again elevates its sensitivity, mode by mode
  • Smarter Systems™ panel & sensor integration input 
  • Superior RFI/EMI lightning protection with wrap-around shielded SMD circuitry
  • Twin-Tee fluorescent light interference filter Self-test
  • 2 Field-changeable lenses supplied
  • Range control & auto-temp compensation

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

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