DSC-WS4965 - PowerSeries Tri-Zone Wireless Door/Window Contact




 PowerSeries Tri-Zone Wireless Door/Window Contact
  • 3 zones in 1 (each zone has an individual serial number)
  • 1 reed/magnet combination zone
  • Tilt switch mode for overhead doors
  • 2 normally closed external contact inputs
  • Long-life lithium battery included
  • 1/2" (13 mm) maximum magnet gap
  • Low-battery LED indicator
  • Case tamper
  • Reliable 433 MHz technology
  • Includes backplate

Also known as: 3W-WS4965

The WS4965 tri-zone wireless door/window contact adds value to any installation by providing installers with three zone and reliable 433 MHz technology. The device can bemounted in the traditional manner, or if that is inconvenient for applications such as garage doors, it can be configured for normally closed tilt switch operation. In addition, the WS4965 has two normally closed external contactinputs that can be used for additionalhardwired contacts or other dry contact switches. The internal contact provides a generous magnet gap of 1/2 (13 mm) and flexibility during difficult installations as it easily accommodates larger door or window frames.

The WS4965 is designed to accommodate different mounting options; it can be mounted in either reed switch or tilt switch mode. In reed switch mode, use the screws provided to mount the magnet no more than 1/2 (13 mm) from the WS4965. If necessary, use the spacers provided to custom fit the device. Only one magnet can be used for each WS4965.

When being used in tilt switch mode, the WS4965 can be mounted anywhere on a garage door, for example. Once the door is open, the tilt switch will activate and generate a transmission. To add an extra entry delay, the device can be programmed to wait one minute after the tilt switch activates before it transmits the alarm.

The WS4965 is equipped with two normally closed external contact inputs that can be used for additional hardwired contacts or other dry contact switches. The device is also supervised and sends a periodic supervisory transmission to the control panel. If the panel fails to receive a transmission within the preprogrammed period, a trouble will be indicated at the keypad. Each of the three zones of the device transmits a separate supervisory signal to the receiver. The WS4965 is built with reliable 433 MHz technology, uses longlife lithium batteries and is compatible with all current DSC wireless receivers.

A red LED indicator on the WS4965 flashes at 10-second intervals to provide visual identification when a low battery condition is detected. This information is then transmitted to the control panel.


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